Ten Posts In – The Blog So Far

As this is the tenth post so far, I’ve decided to compile statistical data about the blog, its comments, and other random data.

I originally got the idea for this site after reading a Slashdot article and seing a link where a guy posted a file “doom3.zip” and got an e-mail from the ESA compalining about it. The size of the file? Less then 100kb. Now, we all know thats not possible. So I got this little idea where I’d make a site that had loads of “games” on there (which in reality were to be adult images featuring hilarious captions or a VB6 app “simulating the game”). I change the format. A few days/weeks later I finalize the design “Stop Error”, the blog you are now reading! SO without further ado, I give you… the stats!:

Total views since the 29th: 173

Total comments: 19, with 9 of those being posted by Don_HH2k.

Total posts: 10

Total time wasted: 4.5 hours

Total fun: a crapload

I feel I’ve been pretty successful so far. I’d like to be able to keep the blog in the same format as it is now. And I’d like to keep the blog community small enough. Not tiny with only 2 or 3 people, yet not large with over 75 people. Hopefully around 10 or so. Got any comments/concerns/tips for me to help enhance the blog? Tell me, I’m open to new ideas.

Plus, I just saw that Andrew T. added my blog to his “Recommended Links” section. Be sure to check his blog out!


5 Responses to “Ten Posts In – The Blog So Far”

  1. Don_HH2K Says:

    A friend of mine demoed Doom 3 on his old P3-M Vaio. He opened Paint, paintbucketed the bitmap completely black, pointed at it and said, “Look! It’s Doom 3!”

  2. stoperror Says:

    Ya know playing it on a Voodoo 2 actually lets you see it perfectly! In all of the Voodoo 2’s 90’s glory! Like this?

  3. Don_HH2K Says:

    I’d never have guessed, though I’m more surprised by the framerates the guy’s getting than anything else.

    Certainly better than what happened when I forced Halo PC onto my Nvidia TNT2, I’ll say that much.

  4. Andrew T. Says:

    If any “secrets” are involved in turning a weblog into the cornerstone of an online community, it’s simply to write interesting things on a regular basis, interact with others online, and wait a while.

    Don’t worry about making a splash too fast, and don’t worry about 75 people beating a path to your door: Even some of the busiest weblogs I visit could probably be condensed to a core constituent of a dozen commenting visitors if need be.

  5. stoperror Says:

    Thanks for the tips, Andrew. I’d rather have a small but dedicated following of “geeks” like me, then hundreds of people who think it’s “trendy”.

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