The Internet seems so dead lately.

I’ve been writing so much on the blog lately primarily because of the lack of interesting things to do. I’ve seen too many movies, read all of my books multiple times, played my games till I don’t even want to hear their names anymore, and the lack of new content of the bowels of the web that I surf, which primiarly is Usenet, Internet Relay Chat, and some web stuff, including a few blogs.

The Usenet groups I browse the most are, some alt.anime.*, and some programming related ones. The programming ones are the ones that are the most active, but the most boring. has gotten PATHETIC over the past few years. And the alt.anime.* ones have few related posts, they mostly are spam. My reasoning for this is that most people these days think of Usenet as a binary file sharing system, similar to BitTorrent, but its all text only. In fact, the real conversations are out posted by the binary posts by at least 2. But thats not the case. Usenet was (and still is) a textual system. All the Usenet “charm” seems to have been sucked away by the people trolling for files.

Now there’s IRC… my favorite network (DALnet) has always been a smaller network since it got DDoS’ed back in 2003. And the majority of those are err… shall I say… not my type. Now lets look at this statistically:  last November (1 – 30) my channel log size was about… 500KB, while this year from October 27 till now its only 123KB. As I wrote in an older post, people want the latest flash crap. They’d prefer AIM or MSN to IRC. And web forums to Usenet. In the long run I’ll feel I’ll win. Why? Because I use the superior non malware/DRM infested technology, where free speech reigns. But until that time, I’ll be in the minority.


2 Responses to “The Internet seems so dead lately.”

  1. Don_HH2K Says:

    While I certainly wouldn’t mind using IRC instead of AIM or MSN and Usenet instead of forums, I have no like-minded friends, and no like-minded friends would make IRC and Usenet a pretty dull place. A friend of mine did have his own IRC server set up for awhile, where myself and about three others would gather daily… Daily became weekly and weekly became every so often, and I don’t think we’ve done any talking via IRC since August 2007.

    I’ve been using AIM for a long time now. When AIM 5 came out, I was disgusted enough with the actual AIM product that I went out and bought an extra 128MB stick of RAM for my computer to run Netscape 6 and use its built-in AIM client. Sometime after they discontinued 7.2 (around Moz1.7.8 I think) I started using the Mozilla suite and the Windows port of Gaim/Pidgin, which I’ve been pretty happy with.

  2. Boring. Boring. Boring. « STOP Error Says:

    […] Boring. Boring. By stoperror Months back I commented that the Internet, or at least the portion of the Internet I frequent, seems to have died. […]

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