Welcome to (the hopefully successful) STOP Error web log!

This is my FOURTH attempt at starting a blog. At first I decided I was going to use a CMS, that didn’t work out, so I decided to use a blog. That didn’t work out. Decided to go back to the CMS. Didn’t work out AGAIN. So now I’m back to the blog. And along the way I changed the name a few times. At first I was going to call it “The internet Homeworld”, that just sounded TOO geeky. And then “Factisc”. Yes, I know your probably thinking WTF type of name is THAT!? A few days ago I was bored, probably as you are right now reading this, nothing to do, nothing to download. So I decide to pop open Delphi and start creating an app. What type of an app to create? I decide on a “random word creator thingy”. I start coding. Five minutes later, I run it, half expecting it to explode, half expecting it to crash. I press the “GENERATE!” button and… “Factisc” comes out. So now when I decide to give my blog an original name, I use that.

And now, why name this one STOP Error? Did you ever use Windows ME? Well, anyway a “STOP Error” is the more offical name for the good ole Blue Screen of Death. I felt that “STOP Error” was a good name for my blog: Geeky, identifable, and kinda funny. Enough about the name of the blog. What about the content? A good name can only go so far. I don’t want to be one of those typical bloggers. I want a blog thats unique. One that stands out from the rest. Maybe not visually, but content wise.


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