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Switching to Linux?

November 30, 2008

Last year I decided my “New Years resolution” for 2008 would be to switch to Linux. And over these past 11 months, I’ve tried exactly that: switch to Linux. My first attempt came when Windows 2000 was giving me trouble in March. I usually reinstall Windows every 8 or so months (to keep it running fast), and I backup my files on a local network server, so I decided what do I have to lose?

Now I know my way around a Linux system. Maybe not enough to save my life if it ever came down to it, but enough of a basic grasp of the way things work. I decided to take Ubuntu for a spin. And boy did it go all wrong… The GNOME desktop environment SUCKS. Just for clarification: GNOME SUCKS. Now I got nothing against the developers of either Ubuntu or Gnome, but it felt wrong. Watered down, if you may. AND the fact that I own about 19 Windows games (all the others are either freeware or err… uhh nevermind ’bout that), and 7 of them don’t work (that well) in WINE. So uhh the fact that some of the games don’t work and the UI sucks? I don’t think so. Sorry… back to Windows 2000 for me.

So for the next few months I stick with good ole’ Windows 2000, until early June. Some dork on IRC DOS’s me. I panic and decide to try again with Linux. But this time I decide on FreeBSD. I download it. Burn it. Stick it in. Wow. A non-watered down installation! I’m liking it already! Install it. Done. Do all the setup questions (root password… new user info..) reboot. A good ole textual user login. Login. Go to the ports section, this time decide to install KDE (the competitor to GNOME), and some other software that interested me. After all thats done I start X up. Oh no… the mouse doesn’t work! 😦 After 45 minutes I jiggle the PS/2 connector on the back of my computer and it works. As I do have some problems with the PS/2 mouse port on my computer I dismiss it. After I setup KDE: sound doesn’t work. And trying to install drivers for it: don’t work either. Because of that I decide its time to return to 2000. Other then that: I like FreeBSD.

So, after those two uhh “incidents” I’ve decide to steer clear of Linux. But, I’d like to return to FreeBSD, or perhaps Slackware, an advanced Linux distro.  Should I go Linux/FreeBSD (if so I’d hope for it to be completed on or about the 25th), or stick with trusty reliable 2000?


Welcome to (the hopefully successful) STOP Error web log!

November 29, 2008

This is my FOURTH attempt at starting a blog. At first I decided I was going to use a CMS, that didn’t work out, so I decided to use a blog. That didn’t work out. Decided to go back to the CMS. Didn’t work out AGAIN. So now I’m back to the blog. And along the way I changed the name a few times. At first I was going to call it “The internet Homeworld”, that just sounded TOO geeky. And then “Factisc”. Yes, I know your probably thinking WTF type of name is THAT!? A few days ago I was bored, probably as you are right now reading this, nothing to do, nothing to download. So I decide to pop open Delphi and start creating an app. What type of an app to create? I decide on a “random word creator thingy”. I start coding. Five minutes later, I run it, half expecting it to explode, half expecting it to crash. I press the “GENERATE!” button and… “Factisc” comes out. So now when I decide to give my blog an original name, I use that.

And now, why name this one STOP Error? Did you ever use Windows ME? Well, anyway a “STOP Error” is the more offical name for the good ole Blue Screen of Death. I felt that “STOP Error” was a good name for my blog: Geeky, identifable, and kinda funny. Enough about the name of the blog. What about the content? A good name can only go so far. I don’t want to be one of those typical bloggers. I want a blog thats unique. One that stands out from the rest. Maybe not visually, but content wise.